Rental Conditions

1. The Lessor shall hereby rent and the Renter specified in box 2.1 shall accept a Vehicle indicated in boxes 3.1, 3.2 and 3.3 of the present Agreement.
2. The Renter shall undertake to use the Vehicle subject to the established procedure (rental period, return location, etc.) and to pay a rental fee as agreed and all other expanses which can occur. The Renter shall confirm that he/she agrees with these rental terms and conditions and shall undertake to comply with them.
3. The address indicated by the Renter in the present Agreement shall be his/her true address of his/her residence or office used in formal documents.
4. The Renter shall return the Vehicle to the Lessor's station from which the Vehicle was rented or to the location indicated in box 4.7, together with all tires, documents, accessories and equipment, no later than by the date/time fixed in box 4.2. Rental term extension shall be subject to the request filed by the Renter and the Lessor's written consent. The Renter shall agree that the Lessor would report the Vehicle missing if it is not returned to the agreed location (box 4.7) at the agreed return date/time (box 4.2).
5. The Renter shall confirm that he/she has received the Vehicle in good order and condition, fully completed and with a clean cabin, without any damages or accident traces, except those specified in the paper on Technical Condition of the Rental Vehicle (box 1B). Any subsequent complaints of the Renter regarding visual defects of the Vehicle shall not be taken into account.
6. The Vehicle indicated in the Agreement carries a motor third party liability insurance in compliance with the law of the Republic of Lithuania, and it has been re-insured as well. The Vehicle also carries an insurance against accidents, natural disasters and theft. The provisions of the insurance contract concluded between the Lessor and the insurance company shall be available at the Lessor's office. The extent of the Renter's liability is specified respectively in box 4.9. The Renter may reduce its liability by paying an extra amount per 24 hours according to the class of the selected vehicle. Nevertheless, the liability reduction fee shall not be applicable in the following cases of damage: car tapestry and seat covers have been damaged by cutting or burning, tires have been damaged, decorative wheel covers have been lost, snow or ice has fallen down on the roof of the Vehicle, damage has been caused by off-road driving or driving in unsuitable areas. In all of the aforesaid cases, the Renter shall compensate for all the damage done to the Vehicle or any of its parts.
7. lt is prohibited by rented Vehicle to:

a) transport passengers for reward;
b) propel or tow any other car or vehicle;
c) transport goods in violation of any customs rules or in any other illegal manner;
d) drive, or allow a person to drive, whilst under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medicine;
e) participate in motor car race or to prepare for it;
f) drive off-road or in areas unsuitable for driving.
8. Using a Vehicle:
a) Only a person whose data are given in box 2.1, 2.2, 2.4, 2.6, 2.7 and who has a valid driver's licence and driving experience of no less than two years shall have a right to drive the Vehicle. The number of the driver's licence shall be indicated in box 2.7;
b) The driver's age shall correspond to the minimum age as required by the Lessor (4.8 box);
c) At the Renter's request, the Lessor may authorize other persons to drive the rented Vehicle provided that the latter comply with the set requirements specified in paragraphs a) and b) of this Clause. The Renter shall pay an extra fee for any other authorized persons;
d) For the validity period of the present Agreement, including the case indicated in Clause 8 c), the Renter shall be held responsible for security of the Vehicle and compliance with the general terms and conditions of the present Agreement.
9. The Renter shall pay the Lessor:
a) Rental fee at the rent rate calculated according to the number of rent days and kilometers made by the Vehicle, unless it is agreed otherwise. The number of kilometers made by the Vehicle shall be determined by reading the Vehicle's trip mileage recorder – a difference between the readings at the times of delivery and return of the Vehicle. In the event that the Vehicle is returned to the Lessor later than the agreed return date, the Renter shall pay the rental fee for the actual use period of the Vehicle. Should the Vehicle be returned to the location agreed by the Renter and the Lessor at a premature date, the Renter shall have a right to change the 24-hour rent tariff according to the applicable price-list;
b) Any other charges and fees for services (insurance against accident and theft, delivery of the Vehicle, etc.) which the Renter has undertaken to pay by signing the present Agreement. The Renter shall receive the Vehicle with a full tank, and therefore, he/she shall return it with a full tank to the Lessor or pay a re-fuelling charge indicated in box 4.15;

c) Car pick up and return during work hours 9:00-18:00 on Monday till Friday is free of charge, other time and on holidays is charged 50 Lt
d) All taxes prescribed by the law;
e) Amount covering the damage done to the Lessor in a traffic accident within the limits of the Renter's liability specified in box 4.9provided that the Renter has complied with all the requirements for accident reporting and this accident has been deemed to be covered by insurance;
f) Amount covering all the damage done during a traffic accident and costs if the accident was caused whilst the Renter was under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medicine, or under any other incriminating circumstances or if the accident has been deemed not to be covered by insurance, or if the accident occurred due to failure to comply with the prohibitions and restrictions on the use of the Vehicle fixed in the present Agreement;
g) Amount covering the damage done during a traffic accident to the Renter and costs within the limits of the Renter's liability indicated in box 4.9 if a third person recognized liable for the traffic accident has no motor third party liability insurance, or if the third party is identified;
h) All repair costs, when the Renter returns the Vehicle to the Lessor not during the working hours and fails to show it to the Lessor on return, or if upon return of the Vehicle, the Lessor detects the damage done to the Vehicle during the rental period.
The Renter shall have a right to demand pre-payment of the rental fee equal to the estimated rental fee and the Renter's liability amount.
10. The Renter and any other authorized driver of the Vehicle shall make every effort to protect the Lessor's interests and those of the Lessor's insurance company in case of
an accident which occurs during the rental period as follows:
o to find out names, surnames, addresses and telephone numbers of persons who participated in or witnessed the accident, as well as the name of their insurance;
o company and policy number, makes, models and licence numbers of vehicles which were involved in the accident;
o to refrain from admitting fault or liability with respect to third parties on the site of the accident;
o not to abandon the Vehicle without making reasonable provisions for its safety and security;
o to immediately report the accident to the police and not to abandon the site without the permission and certificate issued by the police;
o to notify the Lessor of the accident in writing within 24 hours.
11. The Lessor shall not be held liable for property or values transported by the Vehicle or left in the Vehicle, as well as for their loss or damage done to them. The Renter shall undertake to refrain from making any claims against the Lessor and demanding a compensation for damage, destruction or any other loss of the aforesaid property.
12. The Renter shall make every effort to protect the Vehicle from accidents and theft during the rental period. Upon parking, the Renter shall lock the doors, roll up the windows of the Vehicle, take out the front panel of the car radio, and shall not leave any objects in its cabin which could increase the risk of theft, etc. and to park the Vehicle only in parking places intended for this purpose (preferable in guarded parking places). In the event of theft of the Vehicle, the Renter shall be held personally liable to pay the amount fixed in box 4.9, and 10 percent of car value in 3.6 in case of car theft, but if with extra insurance then box 4.14 of the present Agreement. In the event of theft, the Renter shall return the Lessor the keys (and a remote controller if any) of the Vehicle and respective documents (the Vehicle's registration certificate, insurance policy, MOT inspection ticket, Renter's copy of the Rental Agreement and documents of accident reporting at the police station), and to prove that he/she has used the Vehicle safety facilities as required by the Lessor. Should the Renter, in the event of theft, be unable to fulfill the above-listed requirements, he/she shall compensate the Lessor for the Vehicle in the amount equal to its total value.
13. During the validity of the present Agreement, the Renter shall not be liable for any mechanical failures of the Vehicle or its equipment which have occurred due to reasons other than an accident or deliberate damage.
14. The Renter should fix the car only in Lessors recommended service (which gives guarantee service). The Lessor does not cover the expenses if damage is made by Renter’s fault, or if the Renter was incautious or made the damages purposely and if the insurance company does not cover these expenses and does not give the guarantee service.
15. The Renter shall comply with the requirements of traffic rules and pay any fines related to any violations thereof. The Renter shall also pay and receive no compensation for parking and guarding costs of the Vehicle during the rental period.
16. The Renter confirms and is aware that his/her signature in box 4.15 shall authorize the Lessor to repossess the Vehicle immediately and without demand if the Renter fails to comply with the terms and conditions of the present Agreement. In such an event, the Renter shall undertake to cover all the costs related to the return of the Vehicle and waive any claims for loss of objects or any other property that was in the Vehicle, or damage done to it, at the time of its return.
17. By putting its initials in boxes 4.15 the Renter shall confirm its consent to use/not to use the types of insurance specified in these boxes.
18. The Renter shall effect the payment for rent by credit card, bank transfer or in cash. In the event of failure to settle an account on time, the Renter shall pay a fine at the rate of 20% (twenty percent) of the amount due but not less than 200 (two hundred) Litas and penalty at the rate of 0.1 % (one tenth percent) of the amount due for each delayed day. In the event of delay to pay a rental fee, payments effected by the Renter shall be accounted for as a fine and penalty first, and only then as a payment of the account.
19. Any disagreements between the Contracting Parties shall be settled on the basis of the present Agreement and in the manner prescribed by the law of the Republic of Lithuania.
20. The present Agreement may be amended or supplemented only by a separate written mutual agreement by both Parties.
21. In case of misunderstanding all the arguments must be based on the agreement written in Lithuanian language.
22. Privacy. By signing this form:
20.1. you consent to Evalit UAB ( using and disclosing information about you for the purpose of your rental activity with and other compatible purposes including business management, development and protection;
20.2. you consent to Carsrent disclosing your information to entities located outside Lithuania for these purposes. 2017. Centrinis biuras: Geležinio Vilko 6a, Vilnius, tel. +370 690 05550.
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